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Organic Farming

Our agriturismo is an organic farm where we produce extra-virgin olive oil certified by BIOS s.r.l.: we cultivate our olive groves respecting the environment and landscape.

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Organic farming

This estate has belonged to our family for four generations and since 1999 it has been an operational Organic Farm. The grounds are made up of 10 hectares of woodlands and 4 hectares of olive groves that produce an excellent extra-vergin olive oil, certified by BIOS s.r.l. In fact, our oil is produced only with natural methods free from chemical products.

La Canigiana
La Canigiana
"Alessandra, Franco and the girls, thank you very much for the (too short) stay at your amazing villa! The astonishing view and the superb wine have done their doings and caused us to decide to fulfill our love and get married!”

Rick and Linda
Dallas, Texas

Since 2017 we produce monovarietal extra virgin olive oil.
Extra virgin olive oil - Frantoio
Features: Medium fruity, herbaceous, with hints of almond and artichoke. Bitter notes of medium-high intensity; intense spicy; aftertaste of almond and artichoke. Yellow color; medium to high fluidity.
Serving suggestions: Fettunta - Vegetable puree - Black cabbage - Boiled legumes - Grilled meat

La Canigiana
La Canigiana
guestbook Ten beautiful days with a beautiful company, greeted with flowers and with the beautiful smile of our hosts… an unforgettable, happy and light-hearted memory… please, adopt me

Alfonso Claudio

Extra virgin olive oil - Cipressino
Features: intense fruity, green (grass), with hints of almond and artichoke. Bitter and spicy notes of high intensity; aftertaste of artichoke and almond. Yellow with green reflections; medium to high fluidity.
Serving suggestions: Salmon trout - Salmon - Boiled meat



We also have lavender and myrtle production.

See our organic farm in our Photo Gallery